Who are we at Photo Studio Dery?  Lets start with who we are not. We are not Iphoneographers, Ipadographers, and we are not Mothers With A Camera (MWAC)(S). These people, in the professional photography world are also known as  "Fauxtographers".

A "Fauxtographer" according to the Urban Dictionary, defines a Fauxtographer as "A person who tries to jump on the photography band-wagon by "Pointing-and-shooting" hundreds of terrible pictures, which they will upload to a social media site usually in  an album titled "My Photography", "My Art", or "Critique My work", or "Like Me". Additionally, the fauxtographer, adds "Photography" to their General section, or adds "Photography is my life...to their About Me"

As well, fauxtographers will seldom have liability insurance; other than a social media page, will not have a true website, will never sign a contract for photo work, consistently uses built-in flash, consistently leaves their camera in the "P" mode, their photos are predominately out of focus, the editing of the photos leaves much to be desired,  they lack professional resources, they posses almost no technical skills and they have little or no licensed software.

The photographer, on the other hand and at a substantial personal and financial cost, has studied and gained experience over a number of years. They have done a huge number of shoots, and have been able to perfect their unique, recognizable style of shooting and post-processing.  As well, photographers have constantly grown and developed  thereby consistently improving the quality of their services! The main difference between the professional artist (Photo Studio Dery), and everyone else, is the irresistible desire to provide clients genuine, quality results even if the photographer needs to spend more time to make it so.

Specifically, photography is not only the process of taking  photos, (estimated by experts at approximately  5-10 per cent of the total time a photographer spends on a typical photoshoot). Also included in the typical photoshoot is the "Post Processing" portion, which includes the  selection of photos, photo correction & manipulation, the lay out  and creating traditional and/or digital photo books and CDs, and the printing of customer selected photos consumes the other 90-95% of the time.  As an example, the professional photographer's post-processing of a  wedding  can be anywhere from 4 to 30 weeks.

It is rather unfortunate that the phenomenon of the fauxtographer has become a real problem in the photographic industry.  It lowers the overall quality of the market and the client’s respect for image shooting. While a fauxtographer is known for charging very low fees, they are also known for providing low-quality images that leads people to believe photography is not a serious job.

We at Photo Studio Dery have been in the professional photography business for 10 years and are accredited and members of various professional photographic agencies such as Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA) and constantly upgrade our skills and techniques thru registered photographic institutes of higher learning such as  the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).

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