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Gaetan Dery

1305 St Joseph Rd

Embrun, ON

K0A 1W0

Tel: 613-443-7330

E. photostudiodery.info@xplornet.com

I cannot say enough good things about Gaetan's work. I contracted Photo Studio Dery to take photos of Manotick. He weathered 30+ degrees summer days to deliver beautiful photos on time and on budget! Well recommended!

Scott Wilson, Manotick ON.

Awards & Associations

Photographer's Forum Magazine - Received "Award of Excellence" seven years running "2003-2009";  

Published by Photographer's Forum Magazine 2003-2009;

Published by "Best of Photos" 2003;

Published by "International Library of Photography" 2004;

Accredited Member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC); 

Member of Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA);

Past Member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA);

Graduate of Professional Photographic Studies with New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).

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My fine arts education can be divided into two segments:  Formal & Non-Formal

Non- Formal:  Most of my non-formal education in the photography business was under the guidance of master photographers from the U.S. of which I had the greatest respect for their mastery of the photographic arts .

I always wanted a career in the medium of traditional film as well as mastering updated techniques and becoming proficient in digital editing software.

I appreciated the time they took to walk me through various aspects of photography and continuously challenged me. No matter how busy they were, they always took the time to answer my questions which at times may have seemed very basic to these experts. 

As a natural progression, I  then joined camera clubs/organizations both in USA, Europe and Canada. As well, I was an active reader and a participant of numerous photography learning sites and consistently read and applied in earnest the various topics available on these educational sites.

Formal:  While my photography skills grew in leaps and bounds through this non-formal education over a period of twenty years, for me, I required validation from this education to ensure that I was not wandering in a world of "photographer wannabes". As such I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography's  Professional Photography Course . (The New York Institute of Photography is one of the only accredited photography schools in North America and are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and licensed by the New York State Education Department).  Taken over a two year period, this was a very comprehensive program and dealt with  how to take control of your camera and mastering the secrets of exposure, lighting and lenses. I also received intensive training on proper composition and also to a wide variety of different photographic genres – weddings, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and more.

Furthermore, I was consistently formally evaluated through written examinations and by submitting practical photo assignments to be reviewed and evaluated by a faculty assigned mentor/instructor. Not only did this institution validate my photo knowledge acquired through non-formal education but also armed me with the confidence and skills to continue with my photography  career.


Photography has been our passion for half a century. As such, we witnessed many changes in this art form involving not only cameras, but film and darkroom techniques. While digital photography has allowed novice photographers as well as 'experts' to improve their photographic creativity greatly, it has also, unfortunately, enabled more people to take poor photos. We have seen an uptick in “photographer wannabes” or "fauxtographers" with a “get rich” look in their eyes buy cheap digital cameras and never take the mode dial off the “auto” position and simply shoot away. They simply are not interested in trying to understand basic photographic techniques & rules on composition, depth of field etc!  It is these individuals that give us photographers a bad name!

While it has taken me many years to wean myself from film-based photography (but still do on occasion for my pleasure) and adopt digital photography, I have come to the conclusion that while digital photography is exciting and refreshing, it is not necessarily easier than analog (film-based) photography. If one is not attentive to details, a digital image can also be quickly ruined.

 It doesn’t matter if you are the best manipulator of digital images, if you are a poor photographer, the result will be poor. Photography basics do not change in digital photography (composition, light quality and technical skills). The saying is true: “…what matters is not the equipment, but, instead, the 12 inches behind the camera…”

 We, at Photo Studio Dery take great pride in our work and will spend the time necessary in order that you, as our client, will always be pleased with our final results of your photo shoot.


Photo Studio Dery consistently fine tunes their photo skills in multi-disciplines including: Studio Portraiture; Business Portraiture; Wedding Photography; Fashion Photography and Family Photography. 

As well, we are constantly perfecting our techniques in Image Capture; Exposure, Working with Natural & Available Lighting and Studio Portrait Lighting;

Our Services

We offer a myriad of photographic services such as:

Restoration, Maternity, Engagement, Wedding, Boudoir, Commercial, Family Portraiture, Children Portraiture, Seniors Photography, Business Headshots Photography and Landscapes;

Printing – Our "state of the art" printers allow us to print practically any size desired on any type of archival papers and canvas (For more specialized printing substrates we have exclusive access to high end printer companies in Canada, USA or Europe) 

Photo Studio Dery is also proud to have been approved by Album Epoca, master Italian printers and book binders. As a client of ours, you will have access to their exclusive and exceptional quality products of event/wedding books printed and bound in italy and shipped to my address within two weeks of uploading.

Mounting/Matting-  We can offer our clients full mounting and matting options of their cherished photographs- be it double matted or single and we only using archival materials.

Photoshoots – Regardless of the type of photography, we offer on location photoshoots be it at an outdoor location, your home or place of business at no extra charge. We have found that our clients are usually more relaxed in a familiar or enviromental location.

Photography courses - To those of you who have a camera and have left the mode selection knob in the ‘P’ mode for fear of not knowing what to do, fear not for we offer a 12 week course of both practical and theoretical sessions (2 hours per session) where at the end of the course you will simply say wow when u see the results of your photography.