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Regarding Our Landscape Photos

In a blog authored by Andrew Carter, he penned an excellent article on the subject of "Landscape Photography"  In this article, he states that "These days, almost everyone carries a camera. From the small pocket digital cameras, to DSLR cameras, to smart phones. It is now essentially free to take as many photos as you want, and you can view them immediately. These changes in photography have meant that we are now flooded with images on social media, television and in advertising."

So the question asked by Carter is if every “happy snap” taken of the landscape, by default, a landscape photo? To which, the resounding answer is NO!

He further went on to attempt to describe as to what is a landscape photograph. He stated that "a good landscape must make a connection and tell a story. Details in a good landscape photo will continue to surface months after your initial purchase and may remind you of a certain event in your life."

Furthermore, he also stated that "good landscape photography should make people advocates of nature, and the natural world and should remind you to stop and take a big breath."

Interested in obtaining a photo for your home or office? Contact us with your request and we will be happy to get back to you quickly with a quote based on your request .