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Photo Studio Dery's Boudoir/Dudeoir/Intimate Couples 

Photo Shoot  Packages (2019)

Sexy photo shoots are no longer just for women. It is estimated that male clientele make up about 25% of the Boudoir business today……. hence the term “Dudeoir.” Also, another growing trend is "Intimate Couples Photography" where couples want their attraction/love for each other photographed for their personal use.

We at Photo Studio Dery, whether shooting a “Dudeoir” or "Boudoir" or " Intimate Couples" photo session, will first get a sense of your personality through our pre-shoot consultation session and then plan the photo shoot accordingly taking into account the wishes of our client(s). As well, our pre shoot consultations will allow you to get more comfortable with us thereby increasing your confidence and guaranteeing success in the photoshoot.

While Boudoir Photography usually involves intimate photos of a woman, as mentioned earlier, intimate photos of couples/partners and also of men of various ages and body styles is increasingly popular. The amount you reveal is up to you – anything that makes you feel beautiful/handsome and sexy. Based on your input at our pre-shoot consultation, we will coach you throughout the photo shoot so that you can achieve your maximum sensuality for the camera. 

You will have a fun, exhilarating, empowering and confidence building experience. Clients have shared with us that the experience was often a great confidence and self-esteem boost not to mention a lot of fun!Our photoshoots can take place either in our studio, at a hotel, at an out-of-the-way rural "Bed & Breakfast" or in the comfort of your own home.

As well, our pre-shoot consultations will allow you to get more comfortable with us thereby ensuring your increased confidence and thereby guarantee success in the photoshoot.  The photo session is whatever you want it to be and we will discuss it beforehand. We want to create for you images that are glamorous and sexy.

Interested or do you have more questions? Contact us for a no obligation pre-consultation session.

"I have been meaning to write you since my weekend away with my hubby to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I gave him the Boudoir Photobook you created for me and I got the intended effect. He actually had tears in his eyes he was so overwhelmed that I would have done something like this for him. He absolutely loves the photos. 

I did show it to a few girlfriends as well and they all loved it and I have them thinking about doing it for themselves.. "

by S.

"I have always wanted to have a boudoir photographic session but I have always been too shy. As well, I am afraid of the camera and in general, very uncomfortable having my photo taken. 

Recently Colette and Gaétan from Photo Studio Dery offered to do a Boudoir photo session with me at our Bed & Breakfast (Terrace Green)

Always up for a challenge, I took a deep breath and said YES..

Colette was really helpful with setting up the whole thing and stayed with me for the entire photo shoot. Gaétan’s interesting technique rapidly took away my fears and in fact, made me feel completely at ease.  It was almost like a man was not in the room and I could relax and let myself be taken by the camera.

The session was over before I knew it and the photos they delivered to me were absolutely fantastic."


Annette Angus

11952 County Road 43 RR 3 

Winchester, ON

K0C 2K0


 Our intimate Boudoir/Dudeoir/Intimate Couples Portraiture Photo Sessions include:

A pre-consultation session to discuss your desires for the photo shoot, wardrobe, make-up and hair styling, and to discuss any questions you may have;

 An experienced professional photographer and assistant (husband & wife team) at a private location; either in a rural setting; private studio or hotel thereby guaranteeing your utmost privacy;

 A 2-hour minimum photo session (Not including wardrobe changes);

 A minimum of 25 fully edited for colour and fidelity photos on DVD;

 A private webpage for viewing/ordering of your photos; and

 Two 8X10 photos of your choice.

 Note: "Images determined by the Studio to be substandard or duplicated may be edited out. The Photographer reserves the right to edit and release only images deemed credible as professional and within the Photographer's standards. Photo Studio Dery will use its professional judgment and sole discretion to select which photos to deliver. Such selection shall constitute all images that will be made available to the Client."


In order to make your Boudoir/Dudeoir/Intimate Couples Portraiture Photo Session special, we offer these add-ons to the above package:

 Canvas/Giclée Prints of various sizes (mounted and stretched);

 Hard/Soft Cover Digital Photo Books;

 DVD of photos converted to slide show with music;

 Colour Corrected & Archival Quality prints of Boudoir Session in various sizes and

 Services of A Professional Make Up Artist.


Want to know more? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss more details with you.